Ask Kleiver and Veger!

Wow, I’m amazed I actually made it this long. Hopefully I can keep going, because I’ve got a few ideas for stuff I want to eventually do.

But yeah, I didn’t put as much time or even thought into this as I wanted. I wanted to do a big blog-canon related thing but life’s been so busy that by the time I remembered the anniversary was coming up, it was too late. So I just put up a thing lamenting my laziness and relative inactivity, as well as the “progress” I’ve made since I started.

Well, here’s to another year.

K: They’re legal adults!

V: Didn’t I just say I didn’t want to hear it?



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Holy fucking Christ on a cracker, what is wrong with people? And going by the pics, all the people doing it are anons because they’re fucking cowards. At least, the mod is nice enough to not put actual blog names up. I sure as hell wouldn’t take the high road if this shit was happening to me.